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The Team

Unlike other venues - all events at Bottlerocket are booked, produced, and promoted by a small in-house team and a select group of local promoters, not by mega-corporations or whoever pays us the venue rental fee for the night.

This ensures
Quality & Consistency for everything we do, and a better Artist First environment. Meet the team who does it, and contact us!


Chris Copen - Owner

Chris handles all things Events at Bottlerocket - from Booking to Promotion to Production, and other boring stuff that you hopefully won't notice or think about.


Chris was named a Pittsburgh 30 under 30 in 2023 and is already being annoying about it.


Email for:

Media Inquiries, anything not listed below.

Mel Kleeburg - Bar Manager

Mel is the heart of the bar, and manages anything related to alcohol and the sale of it. She also handles all private event inquires and customer concerns.

Mel was the first employee hired at Bottlerocket and has thankfully been a part of every event we've ever held.

Email for:

Private Event Rentals, Beer and Liquor Sales, Bar Inquiries


Hannah Confer - Office Manager

This one .JPEG

Hannah reads and replies to all of your emails, and is the general problem solver of Bottlerocket. If you have a comment, question, or concern - she'd love to hear it!

Hannah created an unsolicited powerpoint about why we should hire her, so if you're looking for a job - that's the bar.

Email for:

Box Office/Ticket Questions, Memberships, General Assistance

David Beck - Programming

David, in tandem with Dylan, handles all Live Music booking, promotion, and production needs. He is focused primarily on touring acts and promotion.

David and Dylan's band String Machine can be found on a streaming service or indie music venue near you.

Email for:

Live Music Booking, Ticketed Event Rentals


Dylan Kersten - Programming

Dylan is the other half of our Live Music team - focusing mainly on local music, DJ's, and more.

Dylan DJ's under the name Ron Mist and can be seen touring the country spinning for The Dolly Party.

Email for:

Comedy Booking, Theatrical Booking, General Programming 


Gracie makes all of the lovely posters you see around the bar and our social media, and handles most general marketing for the bar.

Gracie is the only member of staff to still be around from our Dormont days. Her favorite poster is hers for Michael Cruz Kayne.


Email for:

Nothing! She still has a real job!

Gracie Dickinson - Marketing

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