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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need Tickets?

You do NOT need a ticket to enjoy the bar, up to a half hour before an events starting time. This is subject to change - but we try our best to keep this consistent when we can. If you still for the ensuing show, the ticket price will be added to your tab.

Most weekend shows are sold out - but we keep a small pool of walkup tickets that sell on a first come, first served basis starting at 5pm. Please buy tickets in advance!

Where Do I Park?

Bottlerocket maintains 2 large FREE parking lots at 824 Industry St. and 205 Allen St.

There is also free street parking along Arlington Ave, Industry St, and a free parking lot behind the Dollar Bank (after 5pm). There are also 2 paid lots off of Warrington Ave.




Is The Venue All Ages?

Unless noted all events with a start time before 9:30pm are open to ticket holders 16 or older. Children of any age are welcome when accompanied by an adult.

Can I Bring Food?

Yes! Bottlerocket now offers small food options - but outside food is always allowed.

Do I Need to be a Member?

No! Membership is a great option for repeat visitors, but our space is open to all!

Is The Bar ADA Accessible?

Unfortunately our building is nearly 100 years old, and is not fully ADA compliant. There is a small step to enter the bar and the bathrooms are slightly narrower than ADA standards. We have taken to steps to make the space as accessible as possible and have accommodated handicapped patrons.

Please email if you would like further accommodations - we are happy to help!

How Do I Rent the Space?

Learn more about private event rentals across all 3 of our spaces here!


Please note - WE DO NOT RENT BOTTLEROCKET FOR PUBLIC FACING EVENTS. All events on our calendar are co-productions with our event teams. See below for more information.

How Do I Perform Here?

We are always looking for good ideas and cool shows - please send inquires to or to one of the emails listed here!

Inquires NOT sent to this email (IE communicated via DM) unfortunately will likely be ignored - we receive dozens per day and we can not possibly respond to them all.

Are You Hiring?

Probably not! We have an extremely small and close knit team - but always review applications when they are submitted. Please send resumes and why you'd like to work at Bottlerocket to

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